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Nano Marin 40

Nano aquarium for saltwater with 32.7cm long, 43.3cm high and 40 liters capacity. Available in black and white colours with a glossy finish, this tank has in option an appropriate cabinet equipped with push to open doors. The Nano Marin 40 includes a LED lighting system suitable for saltwater fish and corals, a saltwater filtration system (with skimmer), two water pumps EasyFlux 300 and 600 and a EasyKlim 50W heater.

LED SW Lighting System

LED technology guarantees the high quality of the light emitted, due to its high power, and the low voltage makes it safer. It also allows very low power consumption and ensures a longer life for the lightning. All these advantages offer the fish and corals numerous benefits for their growth and well-being.

Sump filtration + Skimmer

The Nano Marin 40 for saltwater is equipped with a sump filtration with a skimmer, which is very effective in saltwater aquariums.

EasyKlim Heater

This aquarium includes a Tecatlantis EasyKlim 50W heater: quartz tube which can be completely submerged in water and have a high resistance. It includes a regulator for adjusting the temperature and a power indicator. This heater is indicated for aquariums of 10 to 50 litters capacity.

EasyFlux water pumps

Centrifugal pumps water from Tecatlantis are extremely powerful and very economical, pumping the water effectively. The EasyFlux are completely submersible and work in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Include water flow regulator. This tank is equipped with an EasyFlux 300 of 5W and a EasyFlux 600 of 6.3 W.

Filter media

Includes bioballs for dry-wet effect, coarse sponge for an intense biological decomposition of pollutants which are harmful for your aquarium, and fine sponge that retains the existing waste water.

Push-to-open doors

The doors of the Ultra Clear cabinets are equipped with the discrete "push to open" system.

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